Why Do I Need It ?

Preventing spills helps preserve the cleanliness of your home or work environment, and creates a safer, healthier space.

Imagine your new kittens pawing along a floor where bleach had been spilled only hours earlier. If not cleaned properly, the results could be disastrous.

Picture pouring glue into children’s dispensers from a large jug and the magnitude of clean-up for even the smallest spill.

The No-Spill Spout says no to spills. Simply screw a spout onto any of the 150+ products that the No-Spill Spout fits, and say goodbye to spills.

What does a spill REALLY cost?

  • Wasted liquid
  • Depending on the type of liquid, and the location, it could burn the grass, pollute the waterways, or eventuate a larger clean-up process
  • The materials used to clean up the spills (paper towels, cloth towels, sponges)
  • Increased landfill space from disposing of all the clean-up materials
  • The time it takes you to clean up could be time better spent working, with family, or supporting your community
  • Potential health hazards depending on the spill and how well it’s cleaned up