Where Do I Get One?

The No-Spill Spout is about to relaunch on Kickstarter where you can be the first to support, and receive this ground-breaking invention.

The production-ready mold for Joseph’s No-Spill Spout comes with a price-tag of $15,000. Dedicated to creating American jobs and promoting the production industry in the United States, we aim to keep costs down, wages up, and production smooth.

Help us eliminate spills, clean up the home, benefit the environment, and improve the efficiency of industries from industrial to janitorial.

Currently we are taking pre-order interest for the No-Spill Spout. Once we re-launch the Kickstarter campaign you will be prompted to support our campaign. Every campaign purchase will include the No-Spill Spout as a reward.

If you are a brand or company interested in large quantities of the No-Spill Spout, please contact Joseph directly on joehill@prolabdigital.com or (310) 625-4411.

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