The No-Spill Spout

Pouring made easy. No more spills, splashes or messy clean-up. Simply the best way to pour.

How Does It Work?

Simple, effective science creates a ‘glug-free’ pour by combining a pour spout and a funnel

Inside the No-Spill Spout there are two vents. The top vent allows air to flow into the bottle while liquid smoothly pours out through the bottom vent. The No-Spill Spout comes with three pieces – a small cap to seal the top of the Spout, the Spout body and a coupling ring which attaches the No-Spill Spout to the 1-gallon refill jug of your choice. Made in America, the No-Spill Spout is created from a single piece of industrial-grade plastic. It is durable and made to last for a long time. Available in a rainbow of 10 colors, the No-Spill Spout’s 3-pieces can be color-coordinated to match your favorite cleaning products, or simple to be as unique as you are. Through simple innovation we say goodbye to frustrating spills and messy clean-up!

Happy Customers

Received mine in Colorado. Already put to use and works as advertise. Need to order more than the 6 I have.

Ryan P. Dobbs

The real proof is in the the performance… and these spouts work perfectly as advertised / planner. Easily pours from a very full gallon container with a steady smooth stream of liquid. Glad I got 10!

Edgar J. Higgins Jr


No more wasted liquids, messy clean-up or ruined clothes

The No-Spill Spout means the perfect pour, every time.