Frequently Asked Questions

The No-Spill Spout has no “minimum order” restrictions.

The No-Spill Spout is created to fit specifically on plastic 1-gallon jugs manufactured using the 38-400 opening and threads. There are over 185 brands of products sold in the 1-Gallon plastic containers that the No-Spill Spout will attach to.

The No-Spill Spout is the BEST “Glug-Free” pouring spout that helps pour liquid out of 1-Gallon plastic refill containers. The unique Patent Pending design allows air to flow back into the container creating equilibrium so the liquid gently flows out, eliminating the “The Glug Glug” factor. Think of the No-Spill Spout as a combination of a 5-inch long spout and funnel making it easy and handy to direct and pour the liquid into smaller refill bottles or receptacles, eliminating the hassle and costly mess of spills.

The No-Spill Spout offers FREE Shipping all throughout USA.

The No-Spill Spout occasionally has a promotion or a special offer and other discounts are not applicable to those items. Please stay tuned on our social media platform and check your email for news and sale announcements.

Free shipping offer applies to orders shipped to an address in the USA only.

The No-Spill Spout use United State Postal Service for deliveries.

International shipments are currently not available.

The No-Spill Spout ships on all regular business days Monday through Friday, except on holidays. We will update you through email with your purchased item tracking number and date of approximate arrival.

We copy and paste your personal information from the order you submit, any additional charges assessed by USPS due to errors in the address or phone number will be passed on to you. So please assure correct information are provided before submitting an order to avoid other charges.

No-Spill Spout are currently not available for International orders

When checking out, you have two options for payment. By clicking the appropriate button, you may:

Pay via PayPal.

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We are unable to accept checks or purchase orders for now.

No-Spill Spout will assume no liability for any goods that are improperly used, handled, applied, or stored.

We, at The No-Spill Spout have created an extremely simple product that is produced defect-free. If there are any problems, we need to know about them and will respond back to you with an answer to help solve your issue. If during the shipping process the No-Spill Spouts are damaged or parts are missing from your shipment, we will replaced the item or refund the purchase price, at our discretion. If there is any reason you are dissatisfied with your order, please contact us immediately, and we will work with you to resolve it.

We will accept return of items. If they arrive in their original condition with complete package and tags, we will happily refund the full cost of those items. Shipping costs of returns should be shouldered by the buyer.

If you have placed an order for your No-Spill Spouts, and the product has not shipped yet, send an email with your order number and shipping address change and we will update the delivery to the new location

The United States postal service consistently takes 3 to 5 days to deliver most orders.

Yes, you can pay through Paypal without a Paypal account. It is commonly misunderstood that a Paypal account is needed in order to make payments through Paypal. The truth is you DO NOT need one, although we strongly recommend you sign up to enjoy the added ease of use.

Without a Paypal account, all you need is any Debit/Credit card stated below that is supported by Paypal.


By using Paypal, we can process & deliver your orders to you in a shorter time. Paypal is the easiest way.

  1. Choose a high-quality 1-gallon plastic containers without deformed and distorted opening.
  2. Attached and tightened the spouts securely on the 1-gallon plastic containers.

There has been some complaints about liquid leaking at the base of the No-Spill Spout where it attaches to the 1-Gallon plastic containers. Our technical staff discovered two problems why leaking occurs.

The First (1st) most obvious issue we discovered is that individuals are not tightening the coupler ring sufficiently and a proper seal is not established. The Coupler has to be tightened fairly well so that the gasket is coming into complete contact with the bottle opening and creating the seal.

The Second (2nd) issue we noticed, pictured here, is the manufactured 1- Gallon plastic bottles have a deformed opening and is distorted and not round. Prior to attaching the No-Spill Spout, take a look at the opening on the 1-Gallon plastic jug and make a quick assessment about the opening. Some of these distorted 1-Gallon container openings create problems and leaking can occur since a proper seal with the gasket is not possible to be made, even when the coupler is sufficiently tightened.

We have discovered that using splashless bleach will melt the rubber gasket used to create the seal between the No-Spill Spout and the 1-gallon plastic containers. The splashless bleach is thick and remains on the gasket and the additional chemical properties added to this product breaks down the rubber gasket. If you are experiencing any issue with the rubber gasket, our team would love to know exactly what product you are using and then make improvements to the No-Spill Spout based on your feedback.