The No-Spill Spout Story

The No-Spill Spout was the brainchild of inventor Joseph Hill after he had reached the end of his patience dealing with ruined clothes and frustrating spills caused by the inefficient pouring from large-mouthed 1-gallon refill containers into smaller openings.

After sketching out his idea Joseph built a prototype and then applied for a patent. His idea came together quickly and used simple science to accomplish two goals:

1. create a controlled pour from larger 1-gallon refill jugs and
2. make a product that can simplify the lives of people in numerous industries.

Joseph and his team ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and the No-Spill Spout went from a dream to a reality. The first No-Spill Spouts shipped to Kickstarter backers on time and the response was phenomenal – the No-Spill Spout was a huge success! Now manufactured on a large scale in the USA the No-Spill Spout is popping up in households, auto garages, marinas and even airports across the United States. The story has only just begun.