The No-Spill Spout

helps make your life easier by taking the hassle out of pouring liquids from over 185+ brands of product from the 1-gallon jugs.

The patent pending No-Spill Spout simply attaches to the 1 Gallon plastic jugs and you comfortably direct and pour the liquid solution where ever you need it.

The No-Spill Spout 6-Pack has 6 vibrant colors that will allow you to color coordinate and specify which spout goes the all of the 1 Gallon Jugs you use.

The No-Spill Spout is the Patent Pending “Glug” Free technology

Have you ever spilled anything before? The beauty in the No-Spill Spout design is the simple non-moving triangular diverter that allows the air to flow into the 1 gallon jug, creating an equilibrium inside the container so that there is “No-Glug, Glug” splash all over the place.

  • Patent Pending “Glug-Free” Technology
  • The simple design helps air flow into the container
  • The liquid coming out of the 1 gallon jug flows along the bottom
  • The No-Spill Spout has no moving parts and is easy to use
  • The No-Spill Spout is 5 inches long so it helps you pour the liquid where you want it

The No-Spill Spout

fits on over 185+ Brands of detergent products

If you can imagine, the No-Spill Spout conveniently fits onto over 185+ brands of 1 gallon jugs used everyday in your home, garage, business, office, marina boat dock, airports, and commercial locations across the globe. The 1-gallon jugs are an international standard size for the most part, so ease of pouring liquid to make your life better has just a click away.

  • Received mine in Colorado. Already put to use and works as advertise.
    Need to order more than the 6 I have.

    Ryan P. Dobbs
  • The real proof is in the performance…..and these spouts work perfectly as advertised/planned. Easily pours from a very full gallon container with a steady smooth stream of liquid. Glad I got 10!

    Edgar J. Higgins Jr